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Post  Kaligon on Sun Jul 26, 2009 12:42 pm

1.} No double posting, there's an edit button for a reason.

2.} Stick to the topic you're posting in, if its somn random, Go to the Anything! Section. That's why its there.

3.} If you post somn about the server, use one of the other server topics, there's no need for 10 different server topics, if there's a random one with like 4 replies it will be deleted

4.} Actually reply, saying things like "XD", "lol" or "I'm bored" is not a reply its basically spam and will be deleted.

5.} If you upload a pic please watch the size, if its too big it could lag some people.

6.} Try not to use too many emotes, I'm going to set a limit of 10. If you use more your post will be edited/deleted. Using too many lags some people.

7.} NO SPOILERS!! If you are going to post somn about a movie, anime, show etc. Don't say somn like "OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE IT BC IN THE END SUCHANDSUCH HAPPENS" -.- If it gives away ANYTHING Make sure to say SPOILERS in the title or just don't post it, or else it will be deleted.

8.} I know the Anything! section is for anything but still stick to the topic you're posting in, like if someone posts about a trip don't just randomly post "hi" in there, its annoying and your post will be deleted. Just make your own topic for being random.

9.} And most importantly... HAVE FUN!! Even when the server is down we can still come here and talk [: I made these forums for the inhabitants of BEO and I hope you use it.


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